We build niche communities.

Saltalamacchia Media is a micro content studio dedicated to building highly engaged niche communities from the ground up. Founded in 2021 it is our goal to have fun building informative and entertaining brands about the hobbies and interests that our team are passionate about. Our founder built this company from nothing using the few hours spare he had between full-time employment, and now we want Salt Media to inspire those that want to escape the standard 9-5 in order to make a living doing something they actually love.

Our Projects

Take a look at what projects we're working on and what we've sold.

pokemon helper

We're documenting our journey.

We want to inspire other creatives to build communities about the things they are passionate about. So what better way to do that other than documenting our journey building this business?

Create a community, while building a community! Over on our founder’s personal YouTube channel he uploads regular videos about the process of building popular websites, social accounts and hubs. He’ll also teach you how you can do exactly that and to eventually run a profitable, enjoyable business about a topic or hobby that you love.

The goal is simple. To spend your days working on a project that you can’t wait to wake up too! Subscribe to his channel for valuable content on becoming a community creator.

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